Who We Are

The Colocation Corporation, Coloco, provides reliable, carrier neutral colocation and telecom services from our facilities located in Beltsville and Laurel, Maryland, USA.

Uniquely situated between Washington, DC and Baltimore, our facilities offer an ideal blend of convenience and scalability for clients of all sizes.

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About The Colocation Corporation

Colocation Corporation was created to address the challenges faced by firms seeking Internet and Telecommunications colocation space. Having dealt with the need for reliable, secure, and local colocation space for machines and hearing that others had endured the same difficulties, firm beliefs were developed about what should and should not be done in colocation practices. This enterprise is designed to be the prototype of the right way to treat colocation clients. In speaking with us, you will see that we have made colocation life simple and reasonable, the way it should be.

Coloco is not just any colocation facility; it is a home for your equipment.

How We Do It

Case Studies

In a small island nation a telecommunications public/private entity, wanted to support three call centers in the country with U.S.-native 800 number service. By using a combination of voice over IP (VOIP) and SS7 switching along with colocated hardware, the entity is able to increase its telephone sessions at a cost and bandwidth savings. Read more...